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The project was kicked-off on April 20th 2005. Since then has been providing Phoenix salsa lovers and visitors a fun and friendly group setting while supporting local salsa clubs, bands, DJs and instructors. is now one of the key drivers of the local salsa scene development and the premier online source of salsa dance and music scene in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

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Salsa Dancing Around the World

smooth social dance by world renowned salsa instructor and performer Adolfo Indacochea from Italy, dancing to one of Ray Perez’ great tunes, “Dame Felicidad”, here played by Orquesta Tamboranga, taped @ the 2016 New York Salsa Congress!

The talented Shani Talmor social dancing at the 2016 New York Salsa Congress, dancing to Charlie Palmieri’s “Bronx Pachanga U.S.A!

Karen Forcano from Argentina social dancing @ the 2016 New York Salsa Congress!

Lamiae Oba & Jariel Garcia social dancing to song “Hija de Agallu” by Linda Aleida, taped @ 2016 New York Salsa Congress!